About us

The NZ Navigator Trust

The NZ Navigator Trust has an ambitious vision - to create a growing portfolio of digital spaces that provide easy access to a number of high quality tools and resources that equip community organisations and create a thriving charitable and community sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In 2013 we started work on an elegant, easy-to-use organisational self-assessment tool called NZ Navigator, never envisaging that a few years later we would be involved in creating a digital space focused on the development of community organisations in New Zealand.  

Our approach to the rapid growth of this space has been: we will focus on whatever is most needed, based on whatever priorities spin out of our recent projects, combined with emerging technological developments, using the knowledge and skills that we have gained along the way. We also happen to really enjoy what we do.

Our guiding principles

Who’s involved?

Marion Blake 

Marion Blake, MNZM: Chief Executive Platform Trust (Platform was a founding community partner for NZ Navigator and CommunityNet Aotearoa); chair of the original NZ Navigator Governance Group; Foundation Trustee of NZ Navigator Trust; and  Chairperson.

Sarah Doherty


Sarah Doherty: Represented Department of Internal Affairs in the NZ Navigator Governance Group 2013-2017; marketing, communications and fundraising support; Foundation Trustee of NZ Navigator Trust.

Barbara Wallace


Barbara Wallace: Hub coordinator, technical support and site administration for NZ Navigator and CommunityNet Aotearoa; NZ Navigator development team member; project manager in the relocation of CommunityNet Aotearoa; Foundation Trustee of NZ Navigator Trust.

Partnerships and alliances

The lines separating government, community, business, technologies and citizens are all starting to disappear. We realise that partnerships and alliances will be critical to the ongoing development of this digital space. If you are interested in sharing your time, resources and/or expertise with us in order to accelerate the innovation process, please contact us at info@nzntrust.org.nz.


We would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the digital hub. Our work is sustained by these funders and partners.

Todd Foundation Lotteries Grant Board
Platform Trust BAF
NGO Council
Springtimesoft DIA