15 January 2019

Governance refresh

The beginning of a new year reminds us how vital strategic planning is for community organisations and how important it is to keep this planning on point and current.

Here are five ideas to help you with a governance refresh for your organisation:

1.  What is likely to change in our operating environment this year?

We have some great resources on CommunityNet Aotearoa to help you with this including a PESTLE analysis, a tool that is a situational analysis in which you consider the:

2.  Your strategic plan...

3.  Do you have new governance team members joining you? 

4.  Trusting and validating  - what do the Board/Trustees need?

5.  Are we managing our own measurement adequately?

(Based in part on Patrick Moriarty's comments on Community Directors - @NFPdirectors - https://www.ourcommunity.com.au/)

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