20 May 2021

Submissions to select committee

The new Incorporated Societies Bill 2021 is in Select Committee stage and submissions from the public are now open. You can help make our Sector's voice stronger by responding to the suggested changes to overhaul the 1908 bill. 

Time is short as submissions close on 28 May 2021.

Community Networks Aotearoa have identified 4 specific points that they suggest require further consideration and are encouraging organisations and individuals to participate in the review process. 

CNA have prepared a one page submission that you can use as a template, along with an explanation of what each of the points means and why they've been included. CNA also describe how you go about making a submission.

The parliamentary website also has more information here

A recent LEAD blog is also recommended reading as it explains the pros and cons of the bill in detail. You can read this blog here.

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