28 January 2020

Tamarack's top 10 for 2020

The Tamarack Institute develops and supports collaborative strategies that engage citizens and institutions to solve major community issues across Canada and beyond. Their belief is that when we effectively strengthen community capacity to engage citizens, lead collaboratively, deepen community and reduce poverty, this work contributes to the building of peace and a more equitable society.

Through their work in 2019, the Tamarack team identified 10 key themes.

Follow the links below to access information, papers and guides that are designed to help you and your organisation lift your community change-making game.

1. Disruptive Times Need Skilled Changemakers

2. Small Changes for Big Impacts:  Behavioural Insights for Community Change

3. Changing How I Think about Community Change

4. Foundation for Building a Common Agenda

5. Creating Fertile Soil:  Catalyzing Community Innovation 

6. Creating the Culture for Engagement

7. Engaging People with Lived/Living Experience

8. Building your Case for a Neighbourhood Strategy

9. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) at a Glance

10. Impact Reporting:  From Activities to Outcomes


Tamarack offers a number of free webinars - you can register to get access to the recording, presentation slides and resources after the broadcast. 


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