lead chairs

29 June 2020

Nonprofit Chair's Forum

A forum for sharing ideas, dilemmas and resources with other chairs...

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strategic grants

25 June 2020

Grant management opportunity

How does your organisation manage grants and funding?

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educating webinar

29 May 2020

Educating political parties

What does a thriving community and voluntary sector look like as we move into a post-pandemic era?

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29 May 2020

COVID-19 impact survey

Survey on how COVID-19 has impacted on the community and voluntary sector in NZ...

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Do Good Jobs

27 May 2020

Fundraising, Funding - COVID-19

DO Good Jobs are hosting a Facebook event on fundraising and funding...

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Stats NZ

13 May 2020

Contribution of non-profits

It is timely, in the midst of COVID-19, to remember the significant, and growing, contribution our community sector makes to the New Zealand economy...

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charities webinar

8 May 2020

Responding to COVID-19

Charities Services are holding a webinar on responding to COVID-19...

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lead two

20 April 2020

Governing in a crisis or uncertainty

The ‘rules of the game’ are changing. How can a board help its organisation be nimble in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty?...

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virtual unconference

17 April 2020

Virtual impact unconference

Aotearoa’s first-ever Virtual Impact Unconference is happening this month...

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